meet the team

I'm vero.

I created fake zine in 2020 as an outlet for creatives to share their work. We take submissions (unfinished or finished work) and put them together to make a collective zine. We also collaborate to create projects based on certain themes or ideas. 

I'm Dominican, a Cornell BS graduate, a CUNY MA graduate, a multimedia artist, a pet owner, Mil Mundos Colectiva member, and more. 

jef, also known as blacjerry!

I am a 25 year old Stop Motion Animator and Musician from Birmingham, Alabama. I am a recent graduate of Cornell University and enjoy telling stories through all forms of media and connecting with people in any way possible 🖼️. 

I love the outdoors and traveling as well. Aspirations to become a multimedia director and established recording artist.

I believe that everyone is an artist in their own right and it’s important to see everything we do as a piece of work, even if it’s not perfect. 🤙🏿

Daniela (Dani) is a Florida native who’s passionate about public health and women’s health. When she’s not busy making sure Black mamas don’t die from childbirth, you can catch her drawing, listening to audiobooks, or dancing horribly to music. Also, she has a strong obsession with the color turquoise.

I’m Adrianna aka adrimarieknits 🧶 my main creative mediums are crochet and knit but I love to draw! Everything I make is a curated collage of items/ideas/feelings 🧘🏾‍♀

I also love traveling, studying architecture and listening to music 

Soy Tzami Rios Marciano [elle/they], a genderqueer Xicanx artistivist, writer, and radical cartographer with expertise in sustainable ecosystem change and community education. My ancestral roots span from Michoacán to the Quechan, Cahuilla, CoCoPah, Pai Pai, and Kumeyaay lands also known as california's valle imperial to Lenapehoking. I am a co-founder of Mil Mundos Books and the Colectiva Artistas de Mil Mundos Organizando la Revolucion (AMMOR). My work confronts and explores gender; masculinity and its colonial legacy; and bodily autonomy as a brown, disabled, genderqueer person.


I'm Caroline, I live in Bushwick and am trying to get better at a few things.