vol 4: love

We interviewed 8 people at Washington Square Park and asked them questions about love and "accelerators".

Fake Zine Vol 4 focused on accelerators and falling in love. According to Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., the accelerator “notices all the sexy things in the environment and sends the signal that says, “Turn on!” 

Based on this, we asked 8 people at Washington Square Park what their accelerators are and some questions about being in love. 

Huge thank you to all of the people we interviewed. Thank you for being open and vulnerable, especially to strangers. Thank you to Lucas Gelpi, our photographer, for taking such beautiful photos of everyone and for your expertise. Thank you to Emely, for helping us execute the interviews and photos. Thank you to the fake zine team, Dani, Jef, and Adri, for their support.

Lastly, thank you for reading this and checking it out. Never ceases to surprise me that people are interested in what I’ve got to say and create. Thank you.


Just wanted to say thank you to all of those who trusted me and allowed themselves to be photographed. You guys did awesome. And thank you to Vero for trusting me to take part in your vision and project.


Entrevistamos a 8 personas en el Parque Washington Square y les hicimos preguntas sobre el amor y los 'aceleradores'.

Fake Zine Vol 4 se centró en los aceleradores y enamorarse. Según Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., el acelerador 'nota todas las cosas sexys en el entorno y envía la señal que dice: ¡Préndete!'

Basándonos en esto, preguntamos a 8 personas en el Parque Washington Square cuáles son sus aceleradores y algunas preguntas sobre estar enamorado.

Un gran agradecimiento a todas las personas a las que entrevistamos. Gracias por ser abiertos y vulnerables, especialmente con desconocidos. Gracias a Lucas Gelpi, nuestro fotógrafo, por tomar fotos tan hermosas de todos y por su experiencia. Gracias a Emely por ayudarnos a llevar a cabo las entrevistas y las fotos. Gracias al equipo de Fake Zine, Dani, Jef y Adri, por su apoyo.

Por último, gracias por leer esto y echarle un vistazo. Nunca deja de sorprenderme que las personas estén interesadas en lo que tengo que decir y crear. Gracias.


Solo quería dar las gracias a todos los que confiaron en mí y se permitieron ser fotografiados. Lo hicieron genial. Y gracias a Vero por confiar en mí para ser parte de su visión y proyecto.



Grace was the first person to walk up to us. Incredibly nice, and incredible outfit.

Their main accelerators are: 

They said that they have been in love before, but aren’t currently. They also do think that the other person stepping on their accelerators contributed to them falling in love. When asked how the conversation made them feel, they said good — it’s nice to reflect on accelerators. They also said that the quality of relationships impacts quality of life, so it’s important to reflect.


Another Grace! What are the odds that we’d run into two Graces in a row? Grace just radiated golden energy. Their accelerators were:

They said that they have been in love, and are currently in love! However, they said that they feel like only sometimes accelerators have an impact on them falling in love. When asked how this conversation made them feel, they said “enlightened.” It was their first time talking about accelerators. 


Nick - so confident and calm. Their accelerators were:

Nick said they’ve never been in love or even close to falling in love. They have, however, been with people who step on their accelerators. It would also take much more than just accelerators to make them fall in love. They desire & need a copilot & camaraderie. When asked how they felt during this conversation, they said good — it was an opportunity to reflect on wants for a partner & why things haven’t worked out in the past.


Emad was so funny, warm, and genuinely content. Their accelerators were:

Emad has been in love before, in more ways than one. They are constantly in love geographically, platonically, & familially. However, they’ve never been in love romantically. Stepping on their accelerators has led to initial attraction, but not in the long term. When asked how this conversation made them feel, they said fine. They appreciated reflecting on emotions. 


Venus! My friend from high school. They ran into us at the park and volunteered to participate. Their accelerators were:

They said they’ve been in love before, and are currently in love with their boyfriend. They do think accelerators played a part in them falling in love, but their boyfriend’s listening and honesty caused the initial attraction. They met on a dating app, so accelerators can’t always beam through. Venus said that this conversation made them feel appreciative & happy.

David seemed timid but sure of themselves.  They said their accelerators were:

When asked if they’ve ever been in love, they said they don't know. They’ve felt close to falling in love but haven’t quite fallen yet. They definitely think accelerators contributed to their feelings, but there have been more brakes preventing them from falling in love. Brakes:

They said this conversation made them feel good. “It’s good to self-reflect.” 

Kathi may have been the best-dressed at  Washington Square Park on this day. Everyone turned their heads when they walked simply because they oozed coolness. These were their accelerators:

They said that they have been in love before, but aren’t currently. They also do think that accelerators have contributed to them falling in love in the past. When asked how this conversation made them feel, they said, “Like I need to think about what I want in life.” They said they felt more aware, and overall made them feel good.


Izzy was our last interviewee. The sweetest, kindest soul. Their accelerators were:

They do believe that they’ve been in love before. They don’t think they’re in love right now, but they do think they’re on the brink. This person definitely steps on their accelerators and they think this has led to them feeling like they’re falling in love. They used to have pessimistic views on love but don't anymore. They also said it feels good to “acknowledge my wants” without feeling bad.